Able Learner Malaysia


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Able Learner?
Since 1989 (21 years), Able Learner Center – a Malaysian institution, is providing supplementary education in a holistic way from primary to the completion of high school. It prepares young Malaysians not only to excel in academics but also to learn and apply life skills with a special emphasis on morals, ethics, communication, personal integrity and values.

2. What services does Able Learner provide?
Able Learner provides Cambridge IGCSE homeschooling services, and also trains students on Life Skills. All courses and activities are designed based on ‘study technology’ a teaching and learning process licensed by Applied Scholastics – an international organization based in 670 locations in more than 60 countries. Over 32 million students and teachers have been introduced to ‘study technology’ of which 22 thousand were serviced in Malaysia.

3. When can a student start at Able Learner?
Students may enroll at any time in the school year though we do recommend starting at the beginning of a term for the obvious reason that, that is when our programs of study get underway. We understand that certain situations may arise where you would like to enroll your child and it is not at the start of a term. We welcome anyone who wishes to join the Able Learner and will work with you to ensure that your child can catch up and fill in any missing gaps in his or her education.

4. Do you teach normal curriculum that government schools teach?
No, Able Learner only follows the Cambridge IGCSE (UK) system for those who intend to take this alternate route.

5. How is Able Learner different?
Able Learner is unique as it utilizes the ‘study technology’ and prepares students not only to excel in academics but also to learn and apply life skills with a special emphasis on moral, ethics, communication, personal integrity and values.

6. Do you accept students with behavioral or learning disabilities?
We have found that what has been considered to be a disability or behavioral difficulty is often traceable to an earlier missing step in education or a specific study barrier.

While we do not have a specific program for behavioral or learning disabilities, therefore, our basic teaching methods and study techniques are often all that are needed to remedy a situation of this kind.

7. Are you registered / licensed education institute?
Yes, Able Learner is registered and licensed by Applied Scholastics Institute, which is incorporated legally and is endorsed by MOF and PSMB.

8. Do you have any religious affiliation?
No, it doesn’t have any religious affiliation. Able Learner is an independent, non-denominational education center open to all religious faith. It is important to state that the center’s policy is one of respect for all religious beliefs and nothing of a religious nature is required of students or families at any time. Able Learner does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, nationality, sex, disability, or age in administering student admissions or any of its policies, programs or activities.

9. Are your teachers qualified?
Able Learner teachers are subject specialist and are further trained on Applied Scholastics teaching and learning tools and processes.

10.  Is the IGCSE qualification recognized?
IGCSE is world’s most popular international curriculum, leading to globally recognized and valued Cambridge qualification by universities and employers worldwide (160 countries including Malaysia).