Able Learner Malaysia

Students' Code of Conduct

  • Be punctual.
  • Comply with the uniform policy. Wear your uniform every day.
  • Wear your hair neatly.
  • Accessories - wear accessories appropriate for school culture.
  • Clip nails and keep them neat.
  • Wear covered shoes.
  • Do not use hand phones during class hours.
  • Bring your access cards and use it only for your own entry and exit. Loss of access card carries a penalty of RM30.
  • All homework must be done and submitted on time.
  • Avoid abusive language and behaviour which is offensive to others.
  • Do not cause or encourage bullying, teasing, harassing or ganging up on others.
  • Be friendly, helpful and considerate.
  • Be courteous to all teachers and staff and maintain friendliness in your communication.
  • After the last period of the day, leave your classrooms and be seated in the common area. Maintain good manners and care in the use of the general space. Noise pollution is a violation of one’s human rights.
  • Treat school property with care. Return property to its place after use.
  • Place litter in appropriate containers.
  • Clean and organise space after use.
  • Do not bring valuables or dangerous articles to school.
  • During field activities, behave in an appropriate manner.
  • When going on leave, present a letter of absenteeism signed by your parents/guardians.

Able Learner Center has the right to add or change the code of conduct at any time. All changes will be done with the express purpose of bringing good behaviour and conduct to the students of Able Learner Center.

Excerpts: FOI