Able Learner Malaysia

Mugilan's Success Story

My name is Mugilan and I have been with ALC for 4 years. It is a place that groomed me to complete my high school education successfully.

It is small, warm and friendly. The students and my classmates are very helpful and supportive. They always help me in my moments of need and help in clearing my doubts.

The team of teachers guided by our enthusiastic principal, Ms. Punitha was always available to my needs and concerns. They made it possible for me like they are making it possible for others. I thank ALC and the dedicated teachers for seeing me through and for helping me in achieving my results in IGCSE.

Mugilan Muniandy‚Ä®

Mugilan’s Results:

 Mathematics (Without Coursework)  A* (90)
 Chemistry  A* (91)
 Physics  A* (92)
 Business Studies  B  (77)
 Additional Mathematics  B  (78)
 English as a Second Language  A* (93)
Grade 2(TWO) in Oral

Au Hui Yan's Success Story

Thanks Ms Punitha for all your patience. I couldn't have done this without you. Without you, I might still be stuck in high school and may not know these amazing people in college. I now know I can go far and reach high expectations in life. The teachers in Able Learners-you are awesome and truly very caring and ever willing to help. Mr Chiew is one teacher who pulled me out of my most doubtful subjects. Wow! I got straight A's in those subjects. Its certainly not possible without the efforts of the Able Learners team. A BIG thank you all.